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Why are these animals talking to me


to pay off tom nook you have to sell things to tom nook and tom nook gives you money which you then give to tom nook


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#NewcatforRachel2013 help me earn justice for america


help me get a cat

earn justice

u sign this right now you ungreatful swines

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help me get a cat

earn justice for america

THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT GUYS. 271 PEOPLE, ur all unkawaii in my eyes

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I think two people went into the hotel room across from mine and are gonna do the stanky leg. Well shit.


wELL i’m just saying wrap it befo u tap it.

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  • Me: *looks at clock* it's beetle hunting time!
  • Mom:
  • Me: I catch beetles and sell them to an alpaca and she gives me lots of bells
  • Me:
  • Mom:

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